Follow the steps to ensure a successful purchasing process

We wish to make your experience on as pleasant as possible. Follow these steps to ensure a hassle-free online purchase.

STEP #1 - Find the Event
STEP #2 - Select Ticket Type and Delivery Method
STEP #3 - Register and Checkout, Login for Quick Checkout, or Checkout without Registering
STEP #4 - Enter Payment Information and Credit Card Billing Information
STEP #5 - Enter pickup name (optional)
STEP #6 - Review & Accept Terms of Purchase
STEP #7 - Complete Ticket Order
STEP #8 - Review Confirmation Page
STEP #9 - Receive Confirmation Email
Step #1
Find the Event
If you know the event you are purchasing for you can search using artist name or venue. If you are looking for an event to attend you can browse by Region, Genre, or Date.
Step #2
Select Ticket Type and Delivery Method
Some events may have multiple types of tickets. Please make sure to select the correct ticket type. Once your order is placed the ticket type cannot be changed or upgraded. Events may also have multiple types of delivery methods. All available methods of delivery will appear on the event page. If a delivery method you are looking for is not listed it is not being offered for that specific event. There is a service charge per ticket regardless of the method of delivery you choose.
Step #3
Register and Checkout, Login for Quick Checkout, or Checkout without Registering
If you are a first time user you can either register and checkout or checkout without registering. It is highly recommended that you register and checkout so you can have access to your receipts and tracking information online. If you are a previous customer you can login for quick checkout. If you forgot your password you can click the forgot password link and your password will be emailed to you.
Step #4
Enter Payment Information and Credit Card Billing Information
Please make sure to enter all of your information exactly as your bank has on file. If your credit card number, expiration date, billing address, or cvv number is entered incorrectly your credit card will be declined. When a credit card is declined you will see a pending hold on your statement for the declined amount for up to 5 business days so it is highly recommended you double check this info before submitting your order.
Step #5
Enter pickup name (optional)
The name of the Wantickets account holder (NOT the cardholder) is the name that automatically shows up on the order. Because of this it is highly advised that you create your own Wantickets account instead of using someone else’s. If you are purchasing the tickets for someone else you will enter their name in this section. Please note, there can only be one pickup name for an order. The name you list here is the only person who is authorized to pick up the tickets. Even if you purchase the tickets on your credit card, you will not be able to pick up the tickets if you fill in a different name in this section.
Step #6
Review & Accept Terms of Purchase
You will be required to review and accept our Purchase Policy before proceeding with the transaction. Checking this box is the equivalent to a digital signature on a contract.
Step #7
Complete Ticket Order
Step #8
Review Confirmation Page
After you place your order you will see a confirmation page. Here you can review your complete order, event information, ticket price, handling charges, and billing information. You may choose to print this page for future reference.
Step #9
Receive Confirmation Email
Within five minutes of placing your ticket order on you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt. It is very important you supply a correct email address or you will not get the confirmation e-mail. You will need this e-mail to enter the event. You can also access this receipt by logging into your account.
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