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NIKKI BEACH, Miami Beach
Address: 1 Ocean Drive
City, State : Miami Beach, FL
Postal Code: 33139
Phone: (305) 538-1111
Type: Club
Music: House , Dance , Dance/Electronic
Inside Info: Status: Open
Door Policy: $20 cover. Day: elegant beach attire. Night: dress to impress.

Nikki Beach Club - One of South Beach's most elite clubs, located directly on the beach. With torches, palm trees, sand under your feet and the sky as your roof, it doesn't get much better than this. Sunday afternoons are best, when everyone lazily wanders in to sip drinks after a day at the beach and the Sunday night singles scene really gets things sizzling. Sure it's the beach, but dress to impress when coming for a night out, or you might not get in. While the club has limited hours of operation, the restaurant is open daily for lunch and all day on Sunday.

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